Joseph Schneier
CEO Trusty.care

“Lena has the ability to see through what feels really murky to a team and to identify the core of the issue and guide either a team or an individual towards clarity. She has been able to juggle some big personalities, and is able to prioritize short and long-term goals while keeping the culture and values of the organization at the forefront. I have worked with her in a variety of capacities over the past ten plus years and have always been impressed at how quickly she acclimates to diverse cultures, earns trust, assesses needs and guides the team through implementation of solutions in a genuine and thoughtful way. ok forward to any opportunity to work with her again.”

Chef John Brennan
Founder Fork Hospitality

Lena taught me how to accept my faults and work on them while also embracing my talents and not standing down to any obstacles in my way. I learned so much from my regular interactions with Lena no matter if I understood the methods at the time or not. Long before any of us were born the question has been asked countless times, “What is a leader?” In my opinion, a leader is foremost a teacher. Without the passing of knowledge and wisdom from a great leader to their pupil, a leader is simply nothing more than a commander. In a time that seems almost exclusively selfish and self-centered, we need our leaders to be teachers and not commanders now more than ever. A teacher, that is who I know Lena DiGenti to be.”

Brian Langille
President and CEO
REM Industrial Solutions

Lena worked with us at REM as a consultant helping us to define our identity, better understand our marketplace, and craft a strategy to move our business forward. She was able to quickly learn our industry, both locally and beyond, by observing and interacting with our employees, customers, and other stakeholders. Her presence, creativity, and contribution helped us grow to the next phase of our long term plan and she continues to be a resource for us as we move forward. I look forward to engaging with her on future projects and think she is a valuable visionary in the brand identity space.