Your business is a character in the story of its life. When you know and breathe your brand, your story draws us in and makes us want to turn the page.

Like your breath, your brand travels through every part of your business. We look at the brand as a whole; the business, the people, the customers, the market, all of it. Though it all starts with figuring out your story, we go beyond telling a good story and work with you to make sure that story is being breathed through the whole organization.

Discover the characters in your story, also known as creating your brand. Create the architecture of your story, commonly known as the strategic plan. Tell your compelling story to the right people – AKA marketing. Live your story every day with genuineness and accuracy – leadership, culture, and action.

When you breathe your brand you will:

1. Bring greater value

2. Enjoy what you do

3. Make more money

In other words, live happily ever after…



Past Work

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From 2007 through 2016, Lena worked with the Locals 8 Restaurant Group (Plan B, Tisane and the Half Door).  As the Chief Strategy Officer, she was responsible for developing the brand, marketing, strategic planning, leadership and team development, and creating operational systems.

In 2006 two passionate and creative, seasoned restaurateurs opened a 1200 square foot American burger bar specializing in craft beer and bourbon in West Hartford, CT and wanted to build a brand. In 2017 they are a national restaurant chain, with 9 locations, over 500 employees and continue to grow. They’ve won best burger in every town and state they’ve opened in. During this time the group won many awards including Inc. 500, Inc. Hire Power Awards, Global Hot 100 and Food and Wine Reader’s Choice, Lena herself winning the 2014 Women of Influence in the Food Industry award.