After college and a brief stint in teaching I realized as much as I loved kids, I didn’t like chalk or bureaucracy and moved to Los Angeles with my then boyfriend.

One day the phone rang at our Hollywood apartment asking my boyfriend, who wasn’t home, to do some temp work. I was thoroughly enjoying catching up on some reading by the pool but they were so desperate and begging so I agreed to go do the job.

A few months later I had taught myself how to do PR and had moved into a sales and marketing position. This was LA in the 90’s and the dot-com boom was, well a boom. The healthy living magazine I was working for got bought by this attorney who after getting to know the company fired more than half the staff including the entire executive team and unbeknownst to me, named me President. I wasn’t even 25, was wearing overalls, my hair in plaits and I was President of a magazine in Santa Monica, CA. Only I didn’t know how to be a president and I didn’t know how to run a magazine. I read every book the bookstore had on business, publishing, marketing, technology, leadership, managing…

Throughout my career, I have had the great fortune of working with boutique consulting firms amongst some incredible branding and strategy consultants on brands such as Gold’s Gym, Kaiser Family Foundation, Erin Brokovitch Toxicology Centers, Cardiac MRI, Ceilings Plus, Steel Inc, Shambhala Mountain Center and many more.

After attending graduate school, I adopted three beautiful children from the f2015-08-19 (163808)oster care system and decided to take a break from the travel of consulting and settle down near my family in CT and build a business. I spent ten years building and running the restaurant group Locals 8, which owns b Restaurants (Plan B Burger Bar), Tisane and the Half Door.

I am now thrilled to be able to use my journey to help others grow their businesses and tell their own story.

My background in Writing, Mathematics, Education, and Psychology bring an intersection of emotional intelligence and a love for data and rationale thinking. Driven by curiosity, grounded in the practice of mindfulness, influenced by the conscious capitalism movement and inspired by those who dare greatly.

Some of my inspirations…


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