Minute by Minute

At the start of the year, I began tracking the moon and the sun each day. January 2 – sunrise: 7:18 am, sunset: 4:31 pm. January 3 – sunrise: 7:18 am, sunset: 4:32 pm. The change day by day is one or two minutes at a time, 3 on the most extreme days. In that time we have gone from spending just over eight hours a day in light to almost 15 hours a day. Simply by moving one or two minutes a day.

I recently heard an interview with Jane Goodall. She was describing her first trip to Africa to study the chimpanzees. It was a six-month trip, and from the outside, it appeared that she spent five months observing, and then a light switch switched and the chimps got the message that it was safe to approach her. That’s not how it happened. She described it as small incremental changes day by day, month by month until suddenly it looked different.

Suddenly someone is famous who wasn’t yesterday, suddenly a business has transformed into a new model, suddenly that person is a great artist. We miss the little steps that were taken differently each day to get there. Change happens just like the change to daylight and chimp behavior, through minute by minute, day by day advances.

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