Optimism & Creativity

What’s allowing some companies to pivot right now and others not to? Some of it may be related to the business model and, in order for creativity to exist we need to harness optimism. Let’s create a space where we can share the creative ways we are seeing individuals and businesses contribute to the community as a source of optimism for all of us trying to tap into our creative juices. Share your stories here.

1. Tyler Anderson, Chef & Owner of the Millwright’s Restaurant Group immediately began giving out daily meals to unemployed restaurant workers.

2. Guy Neumann, Owner of GN Construction worked with his (paid) carpenters to build mini food banks around Hartford – think little libraries for food.

3. Marc Labrie, Owner of Marc’s Appliance Warehouse has been supporting a different local business every day and giving them a shoutout on social.

4. A client of mine is tracking the money she’s saving by working from home and donating the savings to a food bank every two weeks #giveyourcommute?

5. Shari Phillips, Owner of Matthew Phillips Aveda Concept Salon, made her clients emergency hair dye kits so they could look and feel good during this time, and even included a little bottle of wine.

6. Slalom, the consulting firm where I work helped a local school district move to online education. #slalom

#optimism #creativity #pivot #community #giveback

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