Sacrifice or Genocide?

The world is turned upside down, we are trying to figure out how to live in our current reality of complete groundlessness. Everyone is trying to make sense of it all. I am hearing this message that some people are going to have to die to save the economy. I’ve heard whispers about the earth cleansing itself and ridding itself of those too dependent. That a virus that kills old people will solve our social security issues and those old people should voluntarily die to save our economy.

As I do, I have pondered these ideas for the past couple of days. This sounds like our response to the AIDS epidemic, which I came of age during. Our country dismissed it and labeled it a disease to cleanse the planet of gay people and drug addicts. Our president at the time wouldn’t even say the word AIDS for almost 5 years after the first case in the US and almost 4,000 deaths. Despite Anthony Fauci’s warning that “one million Americans have already been infected with the virus and that this number will jump to at least 2 million or 3 million within 5 to 10 years…” the underlying belief that it wasn’t coming for us persisted.

Perhaps it’s logical that a society that historically sends its children to their deaths on the battlefield for the “greater good” is considering sacrificing our doctors, nurses, parents, and neighbors to maintain our current quality of life. But can we assume that the virus will remain contained within specific populations we are willing to off and that our leaders, our children, and our families will remain somehow immune? If we stay with the AIDS example we can see that wasn’t true then and it’s not true now.

What really stands out to me is the dismissing of science. Science, including medical workers (who are the ones we’re really saying are dispensable), seems to be the enemy. As I ponder this I’m reminded that science has always been the enemy of religion so it should be no surprise that it is now the enemy of our new religion – money and a “healthy” economy.

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