You Are Home

“I have to go home.” William Miller

“You are home.” Penny Lane

I am a strategist. I like to plan. My work and life are focused on looking ahead and developing a pathway to get there.

Whether it’s in my personal life or with my clients, striving, moving forward, accomplishing a goal, experimenting, challenging my world view, it’s what I do. Read some number of books, experiment with a new diet, learn a new program, climb higher, swim further, complete some training. There is always something I am working on, somewhere new I’m going.

Early on in my career, I connected with this great group of people who had the life. They traveled, hung out with interesting people, worked from wherever they wanted – a coffee shop, their living rooms, a house in Mammoth, or Salt Lake City, an airport, a park bench. Life was an adventure, and I desperately wanted membership in their private club. As I traveled around the country working from hotel rooms, park benches, mountain retreats in Colorado, houses in the Berkshires, or coffee shops, I would desperately strategize how I could gain access to their elusive lifestyle.

Just today, I found myself Google searching ‘writing opportunities’ and ‘how to work as a writer,’ as I sat there looking through the list of potential writing gigs feeling uninspired I remembered I was in the middle of writing this. I write. I am already a writer. No need to search out how to get to where I already am.

There is no club membership whose acceptance will get me to the finish line. No accomplishment that will allow me to mark the complete box on the to-do list of life, other than death. The truth is I’m already home, and so are you. We just have to open our eyes to it.

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