Letting Go AND Holding On

11952722_10207628666498585_7921099833688001210_oThe very clumsy sometimes painfully uncoordinated dance of letting go and holding on has landed on my world like tornado. This week marks the moment in time where I watch many of my girlfriends going through the absolute delight and complete agony of dropping their children off for their freshman year in college.

The newly arrived adults unleashed on the world, all of the excitement of autonomy and the freedom of creating their own path, the future in front of them and the absolute terror lurking beneath that the safety net has been moved.

My friends, the moms, their own emotions have turned them into pre-teen hormonal roller coasters. The reverence for the humans they’re releasing, the relief in having achieved this remarkable milestone, the sleep depriving anxiety over all that could go wrong that has now set in and the reality of being forced into a new chapter and a new self-identity.

They’re going to stumble, they’re going to fall, they’re going to have pick themselves back up over and over and over. They’re going to do amazing things and they’re going to mess up – a lot. And you, my warrior parents, you are going to have to let go and hold on. You have shown them values, exposed them to the world, taught them what matters and how to have strong character and now they are going to use all of that as they make their own mark. Just as you had to trip and maneuver your own way through, so will they.

I know your business, or your department, are your babies. Just as my friends watch their children navigate the world, as your business grows, you too will have to watch your creation unfold.

You have hired amazing people because you believe in them. You have taught them about why you do the things you do and what the company values are and how to make the right decisions.

Now let go and hold on. Let them make the impact you hired them to make. They are going to do things differently than you. That’s why you hired them. They may stumble, they may fall but you will be there to pick them up and get them going again. You can keep your safety net, but pull it back and watch the acrobats get better.

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