It’s your cast

Keira-Knightley-in-Anna-Karenina-18The scene opens with a young girl sitting at a desk, her chestnut hair cascading around her turned down face. The words pour from her pen without hesitation. Fast forward to reveal the same girl, now in her late teens, curled under a tree, Anna Karenina in hand. The sound of mayhem calls her out of the 19th century as she turns to see a mass of men boisterously disrupting the serenity of the warm summer evening.

If your life was a movie, how would you write it differently? If the world was watching as your life plays out, are there parts you would want to edit out or add in?

I have heard a definition of integrity being ‘doing the right thing, even when no one is watching.’ Though I think this was used to convince employees not to steal, there’s something to this Interpretation. There is always someone watching you and that someone is also the person whose moral judgment of you is the one that matters.

Don’t wait for the cameras to roll back, write your movie now and when you’re choosing what kind of person you are, how you will behave and what you will do, know that you are always watching.

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