There’s always tomorrow…

concert photos
concert photos

“I’m going away to Spain. When I get my money saved. I’m gonna start tomorrow”

Why put off till tomorrow what you can do today? Look before you leap. Analysis paralysis. If not now, when? Time is of the essence. Don’t be impulsive.

Procrastinating is a problem and sometimes it really is best NOT to do something right now. Why are you not doing it? Maybe you need more information. Perhaps people are heated and everyone needs some time to allow cooler heads to surface. Possibly you need to step away from the project and allow it to percolate in the background. It could be that you just need to do nothing right now.

The key word in procrastination is needless. Are you needlessly delaying or is there a sound reason to put it off. Sometimes we procrastinate as a form of rebellion, the 2 year old from within screaming at the adult version of ourselves, “you can’t make me.” Sometimes a fear of failure keeps us in paralysis, unable to attempt anything. We can become addicted to the adrenaline rush from fighting up against a tight deadline. A fear of commitment can keep us from moving forward, if the deadline passes us by then the decision was made for us.

It’s important to keep the two things separate. There are times when avoidance is absolutely the right decision and there are times when it causes unnecessary stress and keeps us from fulfilling our goals. Look at the reason your putting it off and be ware of our mind’s ability to trick us into thinking that illogical motivations are logical. Look at it honestly and then decide whether this is a needless delay or a needed one.

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