Origin Story

Forget the debate over flying or invisibility, if I could have a superhero power it would be to be able to download information into my brain like in the Matrix. I love information, I love data, I love to learn.article-1086979-05F4EA8D0000044D-652_468x286

This morning in Seth Godin’s blog he said, “We make new decisions based on new data.” This is true and it is not true. Studies show that facts don’t change our minds, that our ideas and opinions are formed by our beliefs, which are not necessarily tied to facts. Our beliefs filter which facts we choose to accept and which we choose to ignore. We like consistency and we seek out information that validates our existing ideas.

This is why I started my blog, I wanted to challenge my world view everyday. I wanted to take the time everyday and allow myself to think, process, assimilate new information and allow myself to be effected by it.

10 days ago I made the decision that the previous day was my last day being ruled by fear. I am under no illusion nor do I have the desire to remove fear from my life, simply to stop allowing myself to be ruled by it. 10 days ago I made the commitment I attempted to make in 2013 to blog every day. https://lenadigenti.wordpress.com/2013/02/05/my-first-blog-post/

The journey has just begun and has already been transformative. It’s hard, it’s hard every day. It’s hard to start, it’s hard to stop, it’s hard to stop second guessing, it’s hard not to obsess, it’s hard to turn off the judgmental voices in my head. And in In the past 10 days, I have realized a core emotion behind a brand I’ve been struggling with, I’ve reconnected with an uncle I haven’t had contact with in over 20 years, found a killer haircut for my son, formed a new friendship, reminisced about old love, had stimulating dinner conversation, contemplated religion and challenged my world view every day.

Learn, allow yourself to be effected by the world, take the time to consider what you take in and express it and then it’s true, then we do make new decisions based on new data.



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