Life just punched my in the face – hard – again “At least it’s not boring.” For most of us anything is better than boredom.

Boredom is a fear that we aren’t good enough. It’s an imprecise word that we use lazily to define two similar but different emotions that have the same root feeling – the fear of not being good enough.

There’s the uncomfortable, restless, uneasy with having nothing to do, feeling. Left alone with our own thoughts and emotions we fear we will not like what we see and we fill that space with anything possible – television, mindless eating, Facebook, shopping, sex, alcohol, drugs…

Then there’s the boredom that has more to do with complacency. Being scared to live our lives with some risk and discomfort we choose complacency. A life or a business that doesn’t take the chance of showing their true selves is boring. It’s boring to live and it’s boring to watch.

When we are uncomfortable sitting with ourselves we experience boredom and live our life in complacency, afraid to touch in to our own selves for fear it won’t be good enough. This is true for people and for brands. Authenticity is exciting, it touches you, it may terrify you, it might anger you, it might make you weep or love or throw up and certainly may cause others to reject you, but it makes you feel. The fear that we can’t handle those emotions leads to inauthenticity and inauthenticity is boring.

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