People Don’t Suck

I’ve been feeling quite bitter about this hotel room I’m staying in. The shower doesn’t work well, neither does the heat, I’m quite cold and the bed is lumpy. Yesterday morning I went down to the lobby to retrieve some really terrible, though caffeinated coffee to bring back to my room. As I stepped into the elevator to return to my room, there was a man already inside.

“What floor?” He offered as my hands were full with multiple cups of coffee, creamers, sugar and stirrers (you never know how much terrible coffee you may need).

“Five” I responded.

The man pushed the button for me and after the elevator acknowledged our destination he hit P, the lower level, below where we had started. Witnessing me in my grumpy mood, hands full of coffee this stranger opted to go out of his way to take me to my floor rather than making me journey with him to his destination. As the doors opened on my floor I looked back at him earnestly and said, “thank you, I really appreciate it.”

Fast forward a few hours, I have been locked away furiously preparing a presentation on my lap top and the coffee is long gone. It’s close to 3:00 and hunger is setting in. I journey into the hotel to seek out a vending machine. After much searching the front desk informs me that the only option is a soda machine in the basement. The man from the elevator is in the lobby and I say hello. I go to the basement and fail at the soda machine, successfully losing a dollar yet unable to receive my calories in exchange. Back up to the front desk to cry about my lost dollar and desire for food, man is still in the lobby. “There are no other machines in here? Don’t you even have some crackers, I have to finish this work and I don’t have time to go eat.” I argue, the woman behind the desk rightfully looking at me like I’m a complete lunatic. Frustrated and disappointed I return to my room to attempt to utilize work as a substitute for nourishment.

A few minutes later, a knock at the door. The man from the elevator with microwave popcorn in hand and a smile on his face.

And you say people suck.

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