The Dangers of Misaligned Values

How do our personal values relate to our business values or the values of our workplace? Are you even aware of your personal values and/or the values of your workplace. Perhaps you are aware of the values (yours or theirs) and you’re just not living/operating in a way that’s congruent with those values. Or perhaps both you and the company are living in accordance with your respective values but they are misaligned causing you to stand for something you don’t believe in at work.

We feel best when we living our lives in accordance with what we value. When we neglect to keep our values in the forefront of our minds we can accidentally spend our lives in ways that feel really awful. Without this conscious knowledge you can simply feel slimy but the reason isn’t clear. Similarly, when you are working for an organization that is ignoring their supposed values, you can feel a bit like a snake oil salesman. You’re selling a false dream, the dream of the values they claim to be about when all the evidence around you is to the contrary. The third option is to consciously attempt to put your values aside at work and try to fight for theirs.

Most of us have been taught that our personal beliefs and our personal lives don’t have a place at work. We’ve been taught that the value of work is to turn a profit and you’re there to earn a living, not to question belief systems. Whether you’re looking at this issue from a personal perspective or the perspective of the business owner or manager the best results come when both the worker and the business are consciously operating from a place of shared values. Look at political campaigns or non-profits, those people work long passionate hours for next to no money because they are fighting for their own values. So discover your values, personally and professionally and seek out a match. It’s much easier to start from a place of alignment than spend a career trying to fit a square peg into a round hole.

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